Dharma Leaf 探索更高明的寻乐方法 by 朱倍贤|Exploring a more sophisticated way to seek out fun by William Chu

Excerpted from the 20210417 dharma talk.





This is the attitude that you take when exploring the Dharma: what is the better way to find happiness?

This is the principle, the inner logic of Vedananupassana satipatthana (Mindfulness of feelings): by understanding how you are seeking happiness, by going through the process of observing, understanding, and enjoying that higher quality of happiness, then you will be able to gain a growing degree and more and more lasting satisfaction, in an increasingly efficient and effortless way.

And during this process, you will slowly come to understand that the greatest happiness has nothing to do with your complicated plannings, nor with your hard ‘grasping’. The highest happiness has to do with letting go, with effortlessness, with surrendering to the truth, to the nature of the heart.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator with amendments.

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