Dharma Leaf 无事与无聊感 by 朱倍贤|Nothing going on and boredom by William Chu

Excerpted from William Chu’s weekly Q&A 20210424, transcribed by Xunfei Voice.


If you are in a situation where there is nothing going on, and you begin to feel that it is not good enough. It’s not the “nothing going on” itself that makes you feel not good enough. It’s your additional actions that makes you feel that way. It’s your struggling. It’s your doing the boredom-generating action. It’s your doing the agitation-generating action. It’s your mind that starts sticking out its straw, sticking out its tongue, looking around for a taste, and then it keeps failing to lick the sweetness, so it starts getting frustrated. That’s why you have boredom. The moment you are not doing anything, in itself it does not create boredom. That there is boredom is because you can’t help but keep spitting your tongue out like a hummingbird, recalling the sweetness. If that impulse dissolves, that “nothing going on” itself is refreshing, and you can always dwell in it. It is the repetitive and restless action of sticking out your tongue that makes “nothing going on” a frustrating condition.

Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator with amendments.

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